Buying a Business: Your 4 Best Financing Options

Buying a business is a great way to get into business! Since the business is already in place and has a track record, the startup process is simpler, and it's easier to get financing. Listen to this recording to learn about the 4 leading financing options for buying an existing business!

For many entrepreneurs, buying a business with a proven track record is a better investment than starting a new business from scratch. But how do you get the money to buy the business of your dreams? This recording will cover the following:

  • How to get a fair price for the business you are planning to buy
  • 4 main sources of financing for buying a business: seller financing, SBA loans, ROBS retirement rollovers, and home equity
  • How to qualify for financing

This class is led by Priyanka Prakash, a small business financing expert at FitBizLoans. FitBizLoans, which launched earlier this year, helps small businesses find low-rate financing. We offer all the major types of financing in one platform, and we will help you compare options and choose the best fit for your business.